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Is Patriotism a Virtue?

Is Patriotism a Virtue

Depending on context , philosophy and geography , the term `patriotism can be interpreted from many different perspectives by scholars . The most prevalent trend is to define this term as love and obligation to one 's own country . Ancient Greeks viewed patriotism as collective notions of language , ethics , justice and commitment to a set of universal values and principals . As one of the most revered philosophical figures of the twentieth century , Alasdair MacIntyre in his book Is Patriotism a Virtue ? presents a comparative analysis of patriotism based on moral

foundations . This article is going to elaborate on MacIntyre 's argument as presented in Is Patriotism a Virtue

Identifying patriotism is one of the basic philosophical issues among scholars . Bearing in mind so many contradictory outlooks on the same , especially with regards to liberal conceptions of patriotism Alasdair MacIntyre gives an elucidation in the beginning as to how patriotism can be identified . According to him , patriotism is not merely standing in defense a nation 's beliefs and constructs simply because it is more related to the realization of the self rather than obsession with nationalism . The moral ideologies associated with patriotism are to be ascertained more than anything else . So in this regard , patriotism is not just about showing a strong support for one 's own nation rather it lends support to one 's own ideals or felt perceptions , which may or may not tally with that of the nation . Once this ideal is set , anyone can propagate...

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