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The Patriarchal Family by Friedrich Engels

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On Friedrich Engels ' The Patriarchal Family

Friedrich Engels (1978 , in his book entitled The Origin of the Family Private Property , and the State , discusses the history behind the formation as well as the function of the patriarchal family . Engels claims that the patriarchal family stands as a historically specific institution made possible by the creation and development of an economy that is based

on the organization of labor and household units of production whose function is determined by the ruling class within society . He states

The state of commodity production (determines .the form of the family corresponding to civilization and under it (the patriarchal society becoming the definitely prevailing form is monogamy , the supremacy of the man over the woman , and the individual family as the economic unit of society (Engels 171

He provides the following grounds for this claim (1 ) The sexual division of labor in society is historically determined by the means of production within society (2 ) The means of production in society determines the forms of ownership of productivity property and (3 ) The means of production in society determines the corresponding forms of marriage in society (Engels 169-172

Through the presentation of a causal argument , Engels was able to provide a warrant for his claim since by claiming that the patriarchal family , as well as the resulting organizations of labor...

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