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Parse`s Nursing Theory

Parse 's Nursing Theory

There are various nursing theories that are used today to support the practice of nursing . These are based on a knowledge derived from experiential learning and nursing research or even from non-nursing sources . People may have different interpretation of what nursing is What is common to all is that it basically involves people environment and process fueled by a vision of transcendence in the context of healthcare (Nursing Theory . From Wikipedia , the free encyclopedia . People who had much influence were Martha Rogers , Helen Erickson , Imogene King , and

Rosemarie Rizzo-Parse among others

More conventional approach in nursing even today is bio-medical and bio-psycho-social-spiritual based theories . Parse 's Theory of Human Becoming goes beyond these methods and presents another alternative between the two . It believes that quality of life depends much from each person 's perspective . Though initially introduced by Rosemarie Rizzo Parse as Man-living-health ' theory in 1981 , it was officially changed to the human becoming theory ' by 1992 . The theory has three abiding themes . First is MEANING , which states that structuring meaning multidimensional is co creating reality through the language of valuing and imaging .People then express themselves in living out their values in a way that they choose , they co participate in creating their own reality . RHYTHMICITY states that co creating rhythmical patterns of relating is living the paradoxical unity of revealing-concealing and enabling-limiting while connecting-separating . This principle means that the unity of life encompasses apparent opposites in rhythmic patterns of relating . TRANSCENDENCE states that contranscending with the possible is powering unique ways of originating in the process of transforming ' This last theme means that in the midst of constant change , the person is able to form a unique personal path for himself if he moves beyond the here and now ' moment . Recipients for this care are guided in the process of illuminating meaning , synchronizing rhythms , and mobilizing transcendence . Focus then in its application sheds more understanding on universal experiences of humanity such as hope , taking life day-by-day , grieving , and suffering (W . Cody Parse 's Theory of Human Becoming . A Brief Introduction

Parse 's Nursing Theory is influenced much by the concept of word view (or worldview . This refers to the framework through which an individual interprets the world and interacts in it . This comes from a German word Weltanschauung which literally means a look onto the world . This is a concept fundamental to German philosophy and epistemology (World View . From Wikipedia , the free encyclopedia Well-being of patient care also depends on the person 's view of his /her own perspective and experience . While world view could also be expressed as highly individualistic , the practice in nursing can be carried out as more of patient focused care . Developing application of the theory is being found to foster more authentic relationships between patients and therapists (A . Pedlar , Patient Focused Care : theory and practice

Another movement called Logical Positivism (also referred to as logical empiricism , rational empiricism , or neo-positivism ) which combines positivism and apriorism began to influence other...

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