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Paper Topic:

Parent/Teacher Interview

Running Head : Mental Retardation

Dealing with Mental Retardation

Name of Student

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Four parents and a teacher of mentally retarded ' were interviewed Parent A is negatively impacted but in the end managed to deal with the situation . Parent B is not at all affected because of awareness of how to deal with it . Parents C is not that affected as well . Parent D however is negatively impacted . The teacher is not negatively impacted because she is positive she can help

out the families and children

There are several things that parents can do and there are several things that educators can do as well to assist parents manage their children

This intends to document interviews of parents and a teacher of children suffering from mental retardation . It also aims to briefly discuss the impact of the child on the family . It also plans to include the ways that educators may assist the family . Last but not least , a summary of the researchers learning experience will be included as well

Mental Retardation Defined

Mental Retardation ' is technically defined as a condition that characterizes restrictions in mental functioning (Marsh , 1992 ,

. 7 This means that a person may have difficulty when it comes to communicating with others , looking after himself or herself , as well as developing social skills (Algozzine et . al , 2006 , pp . 9 - 10 . What makes it more excruciating for them is that such restrictions gets in the ways in their learning...

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