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Paper Topic:

Paraphrasing Short Passages and Summarizing a Passage

Exercise 2 Paraphrasing Short Passages

Passage 1

Every day , a competition is present on the street . This is because some drivers engage in aggressive driving . They think that the road is one big race track they have to get past other cars in any way . For example , they like weaving in and out of traffic , tailgating other vehicles and honking at them just to get to the front of the queue Aggressive drivers also do not care about whether what they are doing is right or wrong . Even if it means ignoring

traffic signals or driving in the wrong lanes , they would still do it just to get ahead of other drivers . They think that those who mind how they drive are the ones troublesome on the street , when in fact , they [aggressive drivers] are the true road hazards

Passage 2

Before , Americans had to reserve thirty minutes of their time for physical activities . They were required to do this five days a week However , the National Academies ' Institute of Medicine is now recommending an hour per day of pure physical activity . Years ago Americans would have found this an easy thing to achieve since there were no modern conveniences such as cars or electrical devices available to them . Nowadays , most Americans have jobs that require them to sit in front of a desk all day long . And when they get home , they either sit around watching TV or using the computer . These kinds of activities do not require them...

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