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Paramilitary (Your Name (University


This research explores the history of paramilitary and it origins in police departments in the United States . Starting in shanghai municipal police department and slowly being implemented in other police departments in the country . The further takes a critical look on SWAT paramilitary forces its organization structures , the way it affects modern day policing services and looks also at Paramilitary forces changing roles

. The will also examine the concept of problem oriented policing in America , trace its history and review its significant impacts on the community . Lastly , the makes a conclusion that paramilitary current duties should be revisited


Paramilitary forces which are assigned specific functions and have organization that is same as those of military forces , however paramilitary are considered as not having same status as those of the military . Paramilitary term is subjective and is used pertaining to what is considered same to a military force , it can be the police , the army or other armed groups . Thus , the aspects of paramilitary differ much in accordance to the context and the speaker . For example , in Northern Ireland , the term paramilitary is used to refer to specific unlawfully armed groups . For the purpose of this research , we are going to look at the Special Weapon and Tactics (SWAT ) paramilitary group which is a tactical paramilitary unit in many of American police departments (Balko , 2001

Origins /evolution of SWAT paramilitary force

SWAT paramilitary unit can trace its origins back to 1920 when it was formed by William E . Fairbairn together with the Shanghai Municipal Police (S .M .P . Fairbairn was a police officer the Shanghai Municipal police started a reserve unit that was commanded by Fairbairn to tackle riots , terrorists in the municipal and with urban guerrillas . The SMP were the first to create the original special weapons and tactics unit and their police who had been trained in bloody gun fights were greatly advantaged during the second world war and there after (Balko , 2001

However , Delano Police department was the first one to implement civilian SWAT in America this was in 1965 , when they did follow Fairbairn by responding to United Farm Workers union (UFW demonstrations that was going on around the farming community of Delano in California . In other parts of Los Angeles , the Ceaser Chavez united farm workers were also staging several violent riots in Delano (Balko 2001 ) Delano police department responded to those many demonstrations by forming the first ever united states SWAT units

Having seen what the paramilitary unit in Delano achieved , the Los Angeles police department also took up the idea of forming a special trained and also equipped unit within the LAPD which , was intended to react and manage dangerous situations where shooting was involved in to reduce police casualties . Afterwards Daryl Gates the then chief of police agreed to the...

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