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Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are a frightening thing to experience - especially if you have never had one before . They are often triggered by a small event such as someone cutting you off in traffic or a stressful telephone call . If you do not know that what you are experiencing is a panic attack , you may mistake it for something far worse , like a heart attack On the other extreme , you may actually find yourself trying to ignore a panic attack , thinking it is just a case of nerves

The truth is that panic attacks , left

untreated can lead to more severely debilitating diss . People who experience panic attacks often sink into depression . Anything from a mild depression to bipolar dis can be the result . Untreated panic attacks can affect one physically as well . For example , prolonged stress can indeed lead to heart conditions

How do you know that you are having a panic attack and not just experiencing stress ? Some of the symptoms include : sudden shaking shortness of breath , a sudden fit of crying that you may not be able to stop , tension in the muscles , a heavy ' feeling on the chest , elevated heart rate and /or blood pressure , nausea and a flushed or suddenly cool feeling . You may experience any or all of these symptoms

The American Psychological Association defines a panic attack as a sudden surge of overwhelming fear that comes without warning and without any obvious reason (APA . The lack of an obvious reason for the attack is often why people do not realize what is happening . A minor stressor or at all , are not generally seen as reasons for having such a severe mental and physical reaction . This is why the symptoms are often mistaken for a far more acute condition

One of the most common effects of panic dis is that the person with the panic attacks becomes afraid . They are actually afraid of the panic attack happening again , but they feel that they have no way to avoid the attack other than to avoid the situation they were in when the attack occurred . A person who is driving or at work when the attack was triggered will find that the situation is one that is hard to avoid In worst case scenarios , people with panic dis develop agoraphobia - fear of going outdoors - because they believe that by staying inside , they can avoid all situations that might provoke an attack (APA . Clearly , left untreated panic attack dis can become a life altering condition . But it does not have to be that way

The best person to diagnose and help you deal with panic dis is your doctor . Your doctor can determine if it is truly panic attack dis that you are experiencing . They can refer you to a psychologist or psychiatrist . They also have access to many prescription drugs that may be able to help you . Only your doctor should diagnose and help to determine the course of treatment for your condition . People who try to...

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