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PROCESS.. planning a trip to phoenix

Process of Planning a Trip


It is hard to find someone who does not like traveling and visiting new places . Regardless of when and how far we intend to travel , whether for business , study or pleasure , we always expect to receive only positive emotions and good impressions from our trip . For this , it is necessary to do everything possible in to prevent probable problems and misunderstandings , which can take place during the travel . That is why the process of planning every details of the trip is extremely important and responsible

, and the more we learn about places of interest , hotels airlines , customs and other travel details , the less likely we are to get into trouble

Planning a trip is exciting and interesting task . It requires some efforts , time and proper concentration , but in real it is not something difficult . This essay is an attempt to outline the most general process of planning a trip , including the tips on scheduling , learning the route , choosing a vehicle , packing , doing shopping , and making some other preparations . And , in to illustrate the discussion , we 'll address to a practical example of process of planning a trip to Phoenix

The first and the earliest stage of planning a trip is making decision about the trip itself . We need to answer the questions , where we want to go to , when and for how long ? On this stage it is necessary to estimate available time and financial resources , make decision about the level of accommodation and preferable type of vehicle , and determine other general parameters . Practically , every stage of planning process requires making a little research and obtaining some essential information , connected with the details of the trip . Therefore , first of all , it is useful to learn as much as possible about the destination point of the trip , about the opportunities to reach and to stay there and , certainly , how to spend some good time there

For very long time I wanted to visit Phoenix , Arizona . When I was a teenager my father took me to this wonderful city to visit a family of his cousins . I remember beautiful views of the mountains , numerous parks and galleries , wide green streets . Now I like arts very much , so my main point of interest is the Heard Museum , which is famous with its exhibits and events , connected with cultural and fine arts . Certainly , I want to see many other places , like Phoenix Zoo and Desert Botanical Garden . My boss promised to give me some vacation in the beginning of April , so I plan to hit the road right at the first week-end of the month . I made some Internet search and listed the brightest opportunities I can catch in Phoenix in the first decade of April

The second stage of planning can include more precise scheduling and clarifying other trip specifics , like making decision about the hotel and check-out for availability of vacant rooms , booking plane tickets renting a car or an RV , and so on . Depending on the trip , such preparations have to be started in 1-2 months before the date of departure . Many travelers use the services of special travel agencies which take all the responsibilities on booking hotels and tickets , etc But nowadays a technological miracle called Internet helps people to make all the necessary arrangements as to booking or renting any equipment

I have been considering the opportunity to go to Phoenix by plane and stay in some comfortable hotel in to feel safe and cared about But finally I made up my mind to travel by land , and I decided to rent an RV . I like driving and always enjoy traveling around the country by a car , so I can see the landscapes and beautiful nature . Renting an RV seems to be a perfect choice , because in Phoenix I will not be to a hotel and will be able to see many more different places . Besides as I travel alone , I do not need some big vehicle , so the trip will be safe

After scheduling and finalizing the details of accommodation and transportation , it is the time to think about making some short-term preparations for the trip . The process of such planning can be conditionally split into two parts . The first part covers the things which we need to do in to keep our house , property , children or pets safe when we are away . It can include providing security measures for safety of the house and car , arrangements for employment of a caregiver for children and pets , and other relevant preparations

I have a 9 year-old son , who needs proper care in my absence . I do not want him to miss the school , that 's why I am not taking him with me . I thought my mother could come and stay with him for a week , but she proved to be busy with her work . Therefore , I asked my grandmother to come and look after my son . My grandmother is quite old , but she is very careful and neat , so I will not be worrying about my son and my home . I bought plane tickets for her to arrive before I leave

Besides , I have two dogs . In to ease the housework for my grandmother , I plan to place my dogs to a boarding kennel until I am back . Again , Internet helped me to find a good kennel club , where my dogs will be cared about properly , and make reservation . Also , I had to find the way to keep my car in a safe place during my travel . My friend Jenny offered me to use her garage , because there was some free space after her brother had moved to another city

The second stage of short-term planning is providing the traveler with all necessary accessories for safe and pleasant trip . This is a very important part of the whole planning , which must not be done in hurry or without spending efforts . It includes all the preparations for any situation during the travel , like finalizing the matters with necessary documents , buying tickets , buying health insurance , checking out for specific route and travel information , budgeting , doing all necessary shopping , etc . Special tasks must be planned by those travelers , who intend to go abroad , like receiving visa , learning some basics of customs and language of foreign nation , etc

First of all , I checked out the money I have for the trip . I thought I will not have much money left after all the expenses for renting the things , but it proved to be quite enough . I decided not to buy a lot of food for myself and use services of road-restaurants on the way . Also , I bought a detailed map and checked out the route . After this , I made estimations , how long it will take to get to Phoenix , how long I can stay in the city and when I can be back home

Also , I made a list of things I need to buy , and one day I want to do a serious shopping . One group of things I bought was presents for my far relatives , who I plan to visit in Phoenix . The other group of things I bought was for making my trip more pleasant , like a new photo camera some new bags and clothes . I bought some new CDs and audio books to make my driving not boring

And , finally , the last stage of planning a trip includes some urgent things , which are necessary for the travel . This planning has to be completed in 2-3 days before the departure , and the most typical preparations to be planned are packing , taking cash from the banks checking out weather conditions and forecasts for the place of destination , buying food and provisions , and certainly , finalizing every matter , which was left from earlier stages of making preparations

I got some amount of cash from my bank account , but as I do not like dealing with cash , I checked out the locations of bank offices and ATMs in Phoenix . I do not think that I will do a lot of shopping there besides I can pay with my credit cards as well . Also , I bought some grocery to leave at home for my family , and I got something , like sliced cheese , bread and drinks , in case if I would like to have some fast snack somewhere on the way

For some people packing may seem difficult . Proper packing requires making decisions in two directions : what to take and how to pack the things . That is why the process of packing also has to be planned beforehand . It is necessary to consider precisely , which and how many things and clothes have to be taken , depending on weather and duration of the trip . Packing can be started in about 1 week before the departure date , and it has to be finished in 1-2 days before the departure . It is always better to have a small hand-bag with some important things , like wallet , ID and driver license , credit cards , maps , medications , etc

I have completed my packing in one day before leaving . I did not take a lot of clothes and things with me , because my trip will be short and for relatively short distance away . Therefore , the things , which are left for my last day before the trip , are : to meet my grandmother and take her home from the airport , then to place my car into my friend 's garage to check out the weather in Phoenix for coming 10 days , to take my track camper from the renters and place my things into it . I guess , I did quite a good job on planning all the things for my trip . That is why I believe that I 'll have some wonderful time when traveling to Phoenix

As we could observe , planning a trip is essential process to make a trip comfortable and relaxing , and also to avoid overwhelming majority of possible problems . Every stage of such planning is important , and every stage of it has to be done in time and with proper concentration . Good planning also helps to save money and time , to choose the best places and hotels , to find more places of interest , to be well-equipped and prepared for many possible things . After all , process of planning is a good fun , which results in maximization of our pleasure for the time of traveling


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