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p Prison Chain of Command 1


The prison system of every countries need a well molded professional correctional leadership for the improvement of the prison system . It is very essential for constituting a kind of human prisons Prison chain of command will be paramount when the developing commanders who are more capable of not only in defining , processing but in achieving goals , in answering the problems in effective manner also They should be creative and efficient The correctional leaders should aware of the socio-political importance of the vast jail

and prison system of the country and also think about the potential and limits of the corrections in the country (1

In America , the speedy spread out of the prison system has emerged to the more unusual opportunities for speedy promotion of correctional officers in the context of their energetic ,humane reflective and crucial nature to wards their subordinates and inmates American expects high morale and professional ethics from the correctional officers as the United States highest incarcerated jail in the world . While the world average rate is 166 per 100 ,000 persons , the population of the current jails in US is 750 inmates per persons . In the light of this , we can analyze the recent activities of prison chain of

------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------

1 . Seiter , Richard

, Corrections : An Introduction , 2nd ed . 2

Command and also we shall scrutinized the magnitude of the criticisms it is being wolfed down (2

Prison Chain of Command

The most important feature of the prison chain of command is the correctional officers in the field units , whether it is superior rank or subordinate rank , should follow the sound correctional principles and constitutional standards in efficient manner to augment the public safety by monitoring and supervising confined offenders in a humane nature . Field operations must always be implemented with quality programmers and services which provides the confined offenders an opportunity to change themselves to crime free upon release . The correction officers including wardens and superintends are always responsible for managing day to day operations to ensure the confined offenders are secured and they have been given all the aid (3 ) Now we shall analyze the chain of command related to different jails

The society itself is very particular about the high motivated , energetic , matured commanding officer of the prison . They should bring the best qualities of their subordinates . The person who has original management qualities as expert in human resources , penal management , labor relations and public administrations are bestowed with the good qualities of a leader (4

------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------ 3 . Virginia Dept . of corrections HYPERLINK "http /www .virginia .gov " www .virginia .gov

4 . ibid 1 3

Each prison chain of command system required extraordinary well maintained leader ship in all departments like , director and assistant director who is in charge of adult and juvenile facilities . It is to be noted that an organization whether it is prison or any other venture can not be maintained in its perfect manner in devoid of good administration and subordinates...

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