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In the nursing profession , there are also incidents that involve ethics , loyalties and images , resulting in politics for nurses Conflict in the nursing profession pertains to differences in the belief system and the feeling of being coerced to perform an activity because the instruction was given by a person superior to the nurse (May and Norbury , 2007 . Most of the conflicts in nursing practice are associated with the quality of patient care and the health of the public . Examples of conflicts include differences in their personal opinion on

role and responsibility of the nursing profession disparities between the notion of gender discrimination and its correlation to the responsibilities of a nurse professional and inconsistencies between the aims of the physician and the objectives of the nursing profession

The conflict within the nursing profession tends to be more complicated when the politics reaches a higher level , wherein caricatures , news bits and editorials portray and magnify the disparities in the nursing profession . It is sad to see stereotypes of nurses and their professions represented in an exaggerated or ironical way (Grinspun 2007 . There is also media exposure of the politics in the nursing profession , employing the radio and particular television shows to further spread the details of the conflict . Tabloid newss are often responsible for distorting news stories regarding different aspects of life and the exposure of the politics in the nursing profession has not been exempted

In the healthcare sector , nurses are regarded as healthcare professionals that are reliable , trustworthy and very responsible , thus the involvement of nurses in the political arena is perceived as a major discord to the image of a typical nursing professional . In addition , a politician is often associated with dishonesty hence when a nurse professional participates in politics in the nursing profession , the same connotation of being dishonest is immediately applied onto him However , it is always better to do something with regards to resolving a conflict and take the risk that may be associated with such endeavor than not to make any effort in settling the conflict within the nursing profession

One of the major responsibilities of a nurse is to provide support to a patient (Rochlin , 2007 . It is thus a nurse 's duty to perform any task that will result in the augmentation of healthcare of patients . It is unfortunate , however , that this nursing responsibility may not always be in accordance to the priorities of the healthcare facility or the physician in charge of a particular patient . Each field of medical specialization carries its own list of priorities and these may vary hence the nurse 's responsibilities may sometimes be in harmony to that of the other professionals ' goals and sometimes may not be in conformity . The disparities between the priorities of difference healthcare professionals often result in ethical conflicts and personality clashes and this in turn affects the cost effectiveness and quality that is delivered to the patient . It should be understood that the occurrence of two different ideals...

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