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PHI: Introduction To Ethics

Homework Assignment 7

PHI : Introduction to Ethics

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Date Submitted Sayre-McCord argues that There is no doubt that whatever metaethics 's substantive assumptions and practical implications might be , it involves reflecting on the presuppositions and commitments of those engaging in moral thought , talk , and practice and so abstracting away from particular moral judgments " For this discussion , I will give a hypothetical example that I would guess is a usual occurrence in many families with teenage children

This is the scenario . I am a teenager and I

have a set of friends , four of them to be exact , who are very outgoing and they spend much time camping on weekends . On weekdays , after classes , we would gather at a particular place where we can meet and talk about where we can spend the time together without minding the time . At other times , we would go party-hopping or simply while away time at some parking lots and talk about just anything . Also , we find time to go to the beach carrying some food to last until it is time to go home , just talking and watching the ripples in the sea

The van that we regularly use is owned by the richest guy in the group In it are a laptop , an iPod , a cooler , flashlights , canned goods , bits of snacks items , and many more that we all share together . We enjoy each other 's company that we find delight in calling each other from our blackberries even if...

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