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Effects of TV viewing on Children

Comp . II

September 24 , 2008

Candance Smalls

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K . Palmer

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I . Introduction

Children are considered as the hope of the tomorrow . They are the one who make our world beautiful and meaningful because of their innocence and simplicity . But are these facts still true nowadays ? Or will it be just a dream ' for us now ? Children 's characters , personalities and their where parents are oblige and responsible to teach their children the good values and morals . But the

irony for this issue is that , parents tend to forget their responsibilities as parents in supervising their kids , due to their hectic schedules and demands of their work especially in watching television where children are expose to different kinds of indecent advertisements and commercials . Parents should allot time in spending quality moments and be on the side of their children in for them to explain the advertisements and commercials which have an adult content

Thesis Statement : This wants to present and persuade the readers about the negative effects of television viewing on children

II . Discussion

Television is a very powerful tool to the learning of the children and it can educate them in many ways whether it is profitable or destructive to their morals and values . It contributes much most especially when parents let their children watch indecent television shows anytime of the day without their supervision . There are also shows on TV that create fear to the hearts of these children because they are able to internalize what they have seen . In a researched entitled Television and conducted by the University of Michigan Health System stated that in a usual American household , there are about 7 hours spend by children in watching television everyday and there are about tens of thousands of commercials observed by the kids on TV which the public relations mark . And not only that , every year the range of 1 ,000 to 2 ,000 children watched TV ads for alcohol and the fears attributed by the television can create sleep problems . A survey showed that there was about 37 percent of the kids stated that they were terrified by a TV story and the symptoms for this included anxious feelings , withdrawing from friends , nightmares (see Television ' University of Michigan Health System

There are also commercials that speak about sex . It is called sex in advertising . The use of sexual attraction as a tool of persuasion by drawing attention , interest to a particular product for the purpose of promotion and increase in sales had been a part of marketing and advertising industry for quite some time . The method generally uses attractive models , usually in a suggestive or provocative scene . The past two decades have witnessed an increasing use of explicit sexual appeal in consumer-oriented print advertising and particularly of women as the object of sexual desire that it has reached to the point of being common

The use of sex in advertising on television can range from...

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