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Personal Development , Health and Physical Education

Section 1

p Interpersonal relations , is an aspect of Personal development , health and physical education which is one of the six key learning areas in the K-6 primary schools curriculum . This aspect of human relationships focus on developing the child 's interpersonal relationship skills which will ultimately help him or her to live a better and fruitful life . This is achieved by focusing on various students ' activities that can be of help to child . Those activities will help the child develop a sense of

br respect for others and helps him develop skills and ability to cope or deal with pressure and also learn how to relate with the parents and other siblings


The curriculum of PDHPE is designed with the sole purpose of building children , which will be able to live a fruitful and healthy life . The child will learn to accept responsibility for personal and community health , enjoys the sense of belonging to the community , respect individual rights to uphold different values and attitude and also have the sense of worth and dignity . This is usually taught to by using various activities that ensure effective participation of each student within a group

Section 2

p This lecture describes the influence of game activities on child 's development . Game is an important part of PDHPE curriculum . It was included with the aim of teaching games for purpose of understanding and the sense of participating . The curriculum emphasize of teaching some type of...

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