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Paper Topic:

Outline for an Oral Report


December 14 , 2008

Outline for an Oral Report


What is identity theft

Offer several definitions

Four types : financial , criminal , identity cloning , business

Discuss consequences

Decline in credit score

Large amounts of time contesting false purchases

Increase in personal debt

Techniques identity thefts use

Stealing mail

Research via internet search engines

Stealing credit cards


Scams (i .e . fake job offers asking for personal information

How to protect yourself

Make sure your financial institutions have adequate fraud protection methods p

Shred all sensitive material before throwing it away

Keep social security number and other personal details private

Check credit report often

Keep credit cards in a safe place (not in a wallet or purse

How to fix identity theft problems

Call all financial institutions and close accounts ask for new account numbers

Make a police report and stay on top of interactions with credit bureaus

Does the presenter have a good grasp of his /her subject material ? Yes - seemed knowledgeable

Was the presenter comfortable doing his /her oral report ? Did he /she move about in a relaxed manner ? Yes - made eye contact , used appropriate gestures , spoke confidently

How would you rate the presenter 's delivery ? Was it even paced ? How was the voice volume ? Delivery was consistent - voice remained the same volume , no long breaks or broken speech

Did the presenter make eye contact with you ? Yes - presenter knew material well enough so notes weren 't relied on heavily

How was his choice of diction , did it suit you , the...

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