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Race , Sex , Envy , Pride , Love and Jealousy in Othello

Shakespeare effectively incorporates different themes in his plays from which the characters portray the human psyche . The play Othello , for example , incorporates racial and sexual discrimination together with pride and envy as well as love and jealousy . These themes revolve around the main characters which are evident throughout the play and are essential to the play 's plot

The main character , Othello , did not appear in the opening scene of the play . However , he is

repeatedly referred to , while not directly mentioning his name , by the characters who converse in the opening scenes . References made to him are racial , as evidenced by being called a Moor repeatedly , Thick-lips , and a Barbary horse . At a later act , Iago referred to him as an old black ram ' Despite the respect Othello has earned with his military achievements , the discrimination against him is evident . In Brabantio 's rage , he charged Othello as being a thief as his daughter would have never come voluntarily with him saying : . a maid so tender , fair and happy / So opposite to marriage that she shunned The wealthy curled darlings of our nation / Would ever have , t ' incur a general mock / Run from her guardage to the sooty bosom / Of such a thing as thou - to fear , not to delight (Act 1 , scene ii , 68-73 Brabantio discriminated Othello again , this time in front of the Duke and other officers , nobles and senators , when he appealed...

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