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Othello and A Doll’s House

Othello and A Doll 's House

Custom Research by Othello and A Doll 's House


Within the rich history of literature , there are some themes that are commonly found , even in works that are separated by hundreds of years in terms of their creation . A fine example of this is Henrik Ibsen 's A Doll 's House ' and William Shakespeare 's Othello . In both works , a pivotal event , brought about by the actions of one character , forms the climax . In this , this concept will be explored , as well as an

evaluation of the responsibility of each character in each work respectively for the events that follow their actions

Plot and Action of the Works

A better understanding of the comparison of characters from both works can be accomplished through a brief of the plots of both of these works , as well as the mindset and motivation of the characters involved

In Henrik Ibsen 's A Doll 's House , Nora the wife of a young banker finds herself being blackmailed by Krogstad , a morally questionable employee of her husband 's , because she forged her father 's signature on bank documents that enabled her to get a sizeable loan (Ibsen , 2005 Krogstad 's motivation for the blackmail is that he is about to be fired from his bank position by Nora 's husband , and Krogstad believes that with the right motivation , he can force Nora to dissuade her husband from firing him

William Shakespeare 's Othello ' likewise involves motivations and self interest . Othello , the main character in the work , falsely believes that his role as a military leader is what defines him in life love , and interpersonal relationships (McDonald , 2001 . Taking advantage of Othello 's ambition and vanity , his rival Iago ultimately uses Othello 's diminishing military career as a means of negatively impacting Othello 's personal life

In Ibsen and Shakespeare 's works , the common denominator is that both of the malevolent characters , through the actions that they initiated bring about the end of a marriage . Of course , both Krogstad and Iago had their own motivations for taking the actions that ultimately brought about the demise of these marriages , but beneath the surface of those events lurks a more compelling question- the question of the degree to which each character in each work is personally responsible for the end of the marriages in question . Far from a matter of black or white these individual answers tend to exhibit shades of grey , as the next section of this will discuss

Krogstad 's Responsibility for the End of Nora 's Marriage

In A Doll 's House , aside from the obvious motives that Krogstad had for the blackmailing of Nora , namely the preservation of his own livelihood , a question remains as to whether or not he is personally responsible for the end of Nora 's marriage . This question cannot simply be answered as yes or no , but it can be answered in a sort of partial responsibility shared by Krogstad...

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