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Osceolas Leadership and War Tactics in the 2nd Seminole War





Date Osceola and the Second Seminole War

What was the role and guerrilla warfare tactics that were applied by Osceola during the second Seminole war ? During his time many Native Americans had several names and Osceola was no exception . This name was the distorted version of his Indian name by the whites . His original name was Asiyahola . This man was born in United States of America in 1803 and passed on in January 1838 . He was a Creek warrior during his time and emerged

the winner during the Seminole war II . His character came to be widely known during the 2nd Seminole war . My main focus on this will be to discuss the role Osceola played and the guerrilla warfare tactics that he used in to win this fight . The Seminole wars both first and the second and the third were often referred to as the Florida wars . These were as a result of the conflicts that occurred in Florida in the 19th century between different American native groups which were referred by one name as Seminoles . The first war started from 1817 and ended in 1818 while the second war lasted from 1835 up to 1858 . The third war erupted from 1855 to 1858 . Osceola 's took part in the second Seminole conflict which was known as the Seminole war . This war had its origin in the treaty of Payne 's landing of 1832 that was signed by the Seminole chiefs . This took place in Florida where these chiefs agreed to be resettled in other territories . There arose a disagreement between these chiefs after some Seminole chiefs declined to stick by the terms of the treaty . They insisted on staying in Florida something that provoked a sharp reaction to the whites

They embarked on a campaign of levelling and directing their harassment to these adamant chiefs . They pointed out that the U .S government had a role of making sure that the treaty was not violated . These chiefs who refused to be resettled in the West of Mississippi River were led by Osceola who was an Indian Chief at that time . This was in 1832 after the whites started relocating the Native Americans . It did not take long before the second Seminole war erupted in 1935 . Osceola came to be recognised widely because of his masterly in applying guerrilla tactics He came to be respected by the army officers who were sent to capture him but they could not manage to capture and conquer him due to his ability to employ deceptive tactic . He was from Alabama and was an original upper Creek . He refused to have any connection with white blood . He kept saying that there was no foreign blood that was running in his system (Mark C .C , 1996 45

In 1813-1814 the Creek war broke out . It was a civil war fought between the whites and the Red Sticks but U .S joined on the side of the White sticks...

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