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The Origins Of The Korean War by Peter Lowe

The Origins of the Korean War by Peter Lowe (A Book Report

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The Origins of the Korean War .2

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The Origins of the Korean War

The Korean peninsula used to be a unified nation until the Korean War The book , The Origins of the Korean War by Peter , published in 1981 was among Lowe 's series of books , which among others take the Korean War or any other World War II event for his . In this book , the second edition

of `The Origins of Korean War , Lowe was convinced that the war was in fact ignited by North Korea when it initiated the attacks to South Korea . However , after a thorough discussion of the events that lead to the war , including the influences from neighboring nations like China and Russia , Lowe ended the book with a discussion of how , the two separated countries of Korea (North Korea and South Korea ) were able to settle their differences and resolved the conflicts despite the war

Clearly , in opposition to the common beliefs of many , the Korean War had long been blamed upon the South Koreans . But with this book , Lowe discussed the various events that surrounded and led to the war . It clarified the notion that the war between the nations resulted from the influences of other countries . According to Lowe (135 , the Korean War , started on April 3 , 1948 when the Communist attacked the civilian government that led to the two long years of conflict and more than thirty thousand lives lost . However , Lowe (135 ) also argued that the conflict reached its peak only on June 25 , 1950

From its very title , Peter Lowe tried to prove how the Korean war originated . In this book , Lowe claims that the Korean War was a result of the combination of animosity ' between the Koreans , the indecisiveness of the Americans and the duplicity of the Russians (Lowe 135 . With the intervention of then more powerful nations like the United States an , China and Russia , Korea was left divided in parts as North Korea and South Korea and remained in conflict even after the wars . From Lowe 's narrations and circumstantial evidence , the Korean War was initiated by North Korea and led to what has then been known as the `forgotten war ' or the `war before the Vietnam (Lowe 135

One of the more important parts of the book and explanations by Lowe is the part that considers the Korean War , more of a war caused by the international conflict and more importantly of the Second World War instead of the unstable civil society . The domestic factors , although contributed and facilitated the war , the Korean War is more of a war between non-Koreans than Koreans . Because the Korean war did not only involved the Koreans , but also the United States , Russia and China , Lowe discussed the various claims as to how the war originated by stating how each of these countries , their then leaders...

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