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Orientalism between East and West

Orientalism between the East and the West

For thousands of years , before the advent of modern travel and communication , the East has been generally regarded by the Western world as a land shrouded with mysteries and inhabited by people with exotic looks and ways of living . Such a perception persist , and for good reason . The East or the Orient has been a place where people cling to old ways of life that has endured for thousands of years . The Oriental culture , specifically those in India and China , has been hailed as one

of the oldest continuing civilizations that exist up to this day and continue to survive even in the face of relentless onslaught from the Western world

The mystery that veils the Orient gave rise to the age of exploration where intrepid adventurers from Europe braved the seas to travel to unchartered lands . As the West discovered new places in the Orient , they also set their eyes on conquering them for purposes of trade . As travel became easier , Western scholars came to the East to study and write on their experiences . As such , much of how the world perceived the East was due primarily to these Western scholars whose view of the Orient may have been tainted by prejudices and business interests , particularly in the 18th and 19th centuries . The term Orientalism ' refers to the often biased and shortsighted Western perceptions of the Orient . Through Orientalists or Western scholars , the West was able to subjugate the East by propagating an image of savage and unrefined Orients who were uneducated and unenlightened . As such , the West used these images to justify the colonization of Eastern countries and Western imperialism (MacKenzie , 1995

That was a few decades ago , and much has already changed in the world However the fact still remains that Orientalism is one of the major factors that have largely shaped and continues to shape our world . The vestiges of Orientalism can still be seen in the conservative foreign policies that Western countries have when it comes to dealing with Oriental countries . The East also remains relatively less modern and affluent compared with the West . As such , Orientalism still bears some interest and calls for fresh insights . In these modern times Orientalism may also be considered as the way modern people regard the Orient of the past . This intends to compare how relatively modern authors who come from different part worlds view the East , particularly the ancient city of Istanbul as it existed during the Byzantine and Ottoman Empire , and how their different backgrounds account for such differences in their perceptions

William Butler Yeats was one of Ireland 's most beloved poets a foremost literary figure of the 20th century . Yeats was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1923 for his poetry . Among his most notable works is Byzantium , the poem is published in 1930 and is comprised of five stanzas , with each stanza containing eight lines . The poem is mostly a descriptive account of the sights...

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