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Organizing, Researching and IIIustrating Your material


Title : Organizing , Researching and Illustrating your material


According to Reh , the purpose of business writing is to express communicate and request information to or from a person . An effective business must be concise and accurate . The text should be written in such a manner as to impress the reader with quality work without creating any difficulties for him



The employees are not being paid overtime as the agency is running in losses . Roanoke branch is although working on the same salary structure

as other offices

The business is experiencing financial problems which need to be catered to in as little time as possible

The complaints by graphic designers have occurred recently . This is because of the overload of work since they have lots of work to do on strict The nature of work d by clients is related to delay in work and also reduce the quality of work such as creativity

The resigning of the top executive has affected the business negatively as it has reduced the morale of employees within the organization and has also resulted in the loss of sense of direction provided by Employees are on their own and have lost their sense of vision and direction in the organization

The methods I will use for my investigation are as follows

Employee interviews

Through this method I will be able to find out what employees personally feel and what circumstances effect their spirits demoralizing them towards work . Employee interviews will help communicate face to face with them and understand their concerns and issues which they can highlight easily rather than in a depersonalized manner if questionnaires were used

Review of business reports

This method will help me in reviewing the business performance of this branch over the past one year or more . It would enlighten me with the current financial position of the business and help me evaluate the recent areas of concern . Along with that , all those factors that are affecting employees directly or directly can be addressed , including resigning of senior executives and demoralized employees contribute in worsening the condition oft the company

Observation of employee behavior

An ethnographic study of the organization and its employees will help in understanding how employees are treating each other . Are they respecting and valuing each other 's work or exercising their authority over somebody else 's creativity

Observation of office environment

This will tell me if the office environment and infrastructure is conducive to work or not . Does it enable interaction for proper exchange of ideas or is it a hindrance in sharing information

Interviewing departments

This will tell me how one department is interacting with another department and what coordination problems are being faced . This is important as the sense of community in the entire branch should be maintained to work effectively

Interviewing clients

By interviewing dissatisfied clients , I will be able to find out where the agency went wrong to meet their demands or if the client 's...

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