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Organizing Function of Nike Management

Running Head : Nike 's Organizational Function Management






Nike as one of the world 's largest sports and Fitness Company is widely known for its dominance in the world market due to its well established planning and organizing . Its history dates back to its parent establishment in Germany in early 60s . By this time , it had taken command in the US athletic footwear industry (Nike , 2007 , pg5 . Due to competition from other companies availing the same product in the market , Nike took a quick

initiative of venturing into a new athletic footwear brand with the highest quality among those in the market thus maintaining its lead in the world market

The economic integration of globalization of the world economy became a huge boost to the company 's economic performance in early 70s as it enabled access to international markets to subside the domestic one . The company had therefore to restructure its planning so as to meet the effect of world /global market with its rapid growth . The organizing process along with planning played major roles towards achieving the increased products market demand regardless of any competition in the market . This was done in accordance with specific government policies abroad where subsiding companies were to be established . There was need to carry out feasibility study along the establishment lines so as to ascertain the availability of resources in selected regions , labor availability , cultural practices , economic status of the region and other motivating factors . The above considerations were very necessary as they would enable the company to go for the cheapest projects that would fetch a break through results in its economic achievement

Asset Management and Marketing Strategies

Nike 's close monitoring and quality controlling process in the manufacturing and sales of its products highly contributed to its success . Nike 's jobs abroad proved highly desirable more especially in countries where most of the population lives below the poverty line (Nits , 2007 , Globalization ala Nike . This led to the establishment of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI ) and thus bringing about foreign exchange where exchange of foreign currency was realized with increased market demand . Nike made itself available with its products in prominent world market centers . The company 's manufactures were almost scattered all over the world where they could enable sales on normal retail channels some of which included large retail chain stores such as in China (company 's document , 2007 Pg 8 . They could even use consignment distribution sales in the cases where retailers could not access the products from factories or manufacturing centers due to different reasons such as long distances or poor means of transportation

Revised Business Strategy and Growth Avenue

Some significant changes were effected in the management process . This was done in all manufacturing sites worldwide . Important issues such as labor practices were standardized and the code of conduct was given a responsibility to ensure compliance of such polices so as to effect increased marketability (McDonald , Heather in the spirit of continuous improvement : A...

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