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Organizational structure and culture

The Relationship Between Organizational Structure and Organizational Culture


This Research aims to determine if Organizational Structure and Organizational Culture affect each other . It also aims to analyze the dynamics of the relationship and how it will lead to the success or failure of a company . Initially we will lay down all the important terms and their definitions to aid in a better understanding of the text . We will then identify and analyze the importance of structure and culture in an organization . A scrutiny of their relationship within the confines

of the organization will follow . As a conclusion , the effect of the relationship between structure and culture will be examined if it is a measure of the success or failure of a company

Before we can look into the components of an organization or the processes involved within , we have to define what an organization is An organization is a group of people ranging in size from two people to thousands , intentionally organized to accomplish an overall , common goal or set of goals (McNamara , 1997 . An organization has major parts that it needs in to function . First and foremost , it has a Mission and aVision . A Mission Statement defines the company 's business , its objectives and its approach to reach those objectives , while a Vision Statement describes the desired future position of the company or what it wants to become (Rigby , 2006 . A company also has Values which guide them in how they go about with their work . These Values include the culture and personality of the company . It also has Strategic Goals wherein they formulate targets to achieve so they can eventually fulfill their mission . In partnership with the Strategic Goals , the company formulates Strategies . These are plans , policies and procedures specific to subsystems like departments or divisions which are devised to achive the goals set by the company

What is Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure is the formal decision-making framework by which job tasks are divided , grouped , and coordinated ( Organizing Process , 1998 . It is the formal or official division of the company into units , each with its own clearly defined goals , policies and procedures . The Structure is conceptualized and implemented by top management to establish and show the employees the relationships between departments or divisions , the job titles and functions or responsibilities of the employees and the line of authority . It is important to specify the line of authority so that delegation and reporting will be made clear . The Structure also defines the rights of the employees and the system of reward and punishment for behaviors or actions specified

There are two major classifications of Organizational Structure Mechanistic and Organic Structures . The main type under the Mechanistic Structure is the Bureaucratic Approach . It is characterized by standardization and several management levels in the hierarchy . The authority line in the Bureaucratic approach is rigid and is driven by a command and control principle , where managers give directions to subordinates and have control over them . It also focuses on...

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