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Paper Topic:

Organizational leadership

Running Head : Collegial Interaction






Table of contents Pages

Introduction .3

Purpose of the study .4

Inquiry Statement .5

Hypothesis .5

Literature Review .6

Methodology .10

Results .10

Discussion .14

Conclusion .15

Reflection .15

Application .16

Reference .17

Appendix .19


The education sector is one field that has had various developments , and collegiality and teacher development is one aspect that has taken center stage . In many places all

over the world , the teaching profession is not given much regards , and there are few young people who are usually willing to join the career . However , this profession can be made attractive to the young people who are going into other professions Making it attractive would need the participation of the society and the schools ' management board . It is thus important that like in any other profession , the teachers and their heads should have a relationship that is mutually beneficial

Team work spirit is very important in any organization that aspires to grow , and the schools are not exempted . There have been the formations of different professional centers for teachers that are aimed at fostering team spirit . Increased campaigns aimed at improving collegial relationship between teachers and the school heads , can bring about the required policies that can improve the education sector

Improvement in schools ' performance and teaching can occur when there is good leadership that is exhibited . Good leadership in schools has a powerful though indirect influence that affects how the teachers and students perform in schools . Students are motivated to perform well and achieve good grades in schools by the quality of teaching they get However , teachers on the other hand are motivated to teach and perform well in their duties by leadership quality that is shown by the school heads . A good leadership in schools should be dispersed among the people in the school rather than having to concentrate in a person or a status This implies creating an environment in which people can learn and work as a team aiming for the same goals . Schools that have adopted these strategies have mostly had improvement in performance , through leadership (Hopkins , 2001 . In essence , this implies that teachers are given powers and authority to lead . With this perspective , any teacher can be given a chance of becoming a leader hence fostering the collective responsibilities

The role of teacher leadership can be divided into four categories . The main important role of the teachers is the brokering role . In this role the leader teacher ensures that they provide all the required links and opportunities for development within the school . The second role is the participating role , which allows the teacher to be part of the development as well as the shareholders in the school affairs . This role is important as it can allow leader teachers to assist the colleagues in looking for a better collaborative way of working . In essence , all the teachers participate in shaping the school , but under the guidance of the leaders . Mediation is...

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