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Organizational Structures

In this manner , the matrix organizational structure can not only enhance the efficiency of internal processes , but also enhance the scope for employee learning and growth . This will enable Nissan to combine core competencies with Renault to synergistic effects

IT governance

It has been mentioned before that the management will have to embed IT in its existing processes in to realize the best value from the matrix organizational structure . Business process reengineering using information systems has become a widespread practice throughout the world . However global connectivity has given rise to

risks and control issues in the field of information technology and it is in this area that the issue of transparency becomes relevant . The risks relate to security and therefore the management in an international business such as Nissan has to ensure that security concerns are being met when they are automating business processes using information technology . As a result transparency becomes a critical success factor

The process of enterprise governance ensures that the right people are put in the right place . As IT processes become an integral part of business strategy at Nissan , the management must also ensure that resource deployments are right in controlling the IT processes . In other words the management must develop control objectives . These objectives will enable the management to monitor the existing information systems so that efficiency and effectiveness of resource allocation can be maintained . This means that the management must be able to access detailed information about the performance of the IT system . Therefore developing the right performance management system becomes the critical success factor . Therefore the process of ensuring transparency becomes relevant by virtue of its ability to facilitate access to information about resource utilization

Transparency is necessary to ensure cost-effectiveness in resource allocation . Transparency in enterprise governance ensures that critical success...

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