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Organizational Structure - Divisional Structure

Divisional structure splits employees into self-contained strategic business units (SBUs , with each operating as a profit center . Each of these self-contained divisions adopts either a functional or matrix structure . The top management or corporate headquarters coordinates the activities with and provides support services to each division . The employees are grouped either by product , market , or geographic location or region (Allen , 1998 Price , 2007 Baron and Greenberg , 1990

While a functional structure focuses on meeting the functional goals (i .e , marketing , finance , etc , a divisional structure focuses on achieving divisional goals . This structure

allows the company to quickly respond to the changes in the external conditions . Shifts in competition and customer needs can be easily identified as each division specializes in a specific product or service , market , or geographical location . In addition , it also encourages employees to work together as a team and promotes healthy competition among the divisions , the results of which could contribute to the overall effectiveness of the organization . The manageable size of each division makes coordination faster and easier (Baron and Greenberg , 1990 . However , duplication of functional departments within each division could result to loss of economies of scale . This is in contrast to the functional structure that promotes economies of scale as employees performing the same function work together and share resources . In contrast to the functional and divisional structure , the matrix structure , due to its cross-functional nature , allows the company to achieve economies of scale while rapidly responding to changes in the environment (Gordon , 1996 cited in Periasamy et al , 2002 . In addition , in a divisional structure problems with coordination across the different divisions may arise just as how a company employing a functional structure may develop inter-functional conflict (Baron and Greenberg , 1990


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