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Organizational Behavior- case study (whistle- blowers: saints or sinners?

Running head : Organizational Behavior

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February 20 , 2009

Organizational Behavior- case study (whistle-blowers : saints or sinners


Ethics in organization management forms one of the most important aspect for ensuring sustained business profits and effective outlay of its culture . This is mainly due to the fact that all actions involve attitudes , beliefs , and conscience that forms strong basement which even the simplest misdemeanor can easily undermine the overall effectiveness of the organization . Ethically derived , whistle blowers are strongly effective

to ensure strong the correct route is assumed by a business entities (Peter , 2005

1 . Do you believe whistle-blowing is good for an organization , or is it as David Stetler believes , often a means to extort large financial gains from companies

Whistle blowing is an effective mode of checking the organizations unethical activities therefore uprooting wrong activities from the organizations and the society . Though changing approach due to the rewards associated with it , the concept acts as a lesson to majority of major shenanigans and inclusive abusive systems in the society . The blowers face unemployment and ridicule in their companies and may be looked down upon with others facing possible life threats . However David Statler has a point in that the original intrinsic desire to see a harmonic and highly coterminous society based on values is fast being replaced by the desire to lay hands on the large amount the blowers get (Weinberg , 2005

2 . How might self fulfilling prophesy affect a whistle blower...

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