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Organization of knowledge

An Essay on Organization of Knowledge

Memory is a complicated thing , a relative of truth , but not its twin (Kingsolver , 1990 ,

. 48 . These words by Barbara Kingsolver as stated in her book Animal Dreams implies that memory and truth are two different entities . While there is a connection between them , they cannot be regarded as the same . As a reader , I agree to Kingsolver 's concept of memory which is that of complicated . Memory can be very tricky and at some point , confusing because they are oftentimes influenced by experiences , knowledge and

even feelings . Memories have something to do with a person 's emotions . I , for instance , know for a fact that sometimes memory can be deceiving and can make me believe that it is the truth . However , once I checked on the facts , the truth becomes clearer and what is in my memory becomes tampered or influenced by what I have learned . For me , what is in a person 's memory changes and undergoes a lot of processes thereby making it less reliable as time goes by . It can be considered relevant at some point and even significant but it does not always equate to what is true and factual For these reasons , I agree that memory is a complicated thing . As much as it is rooted in knowledge and experience , the mind is too vulnerable to a lot of things wherein the human senses are exposed to . Taking this into consideration , I believe that the mind tends...

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