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Paper Topic:

Organization behavior

Motivation in Organization


Every person in direct supervision of employees or workers knows the intricacies of leadership and management of people under his /her care Intertwined in this idea is the fact that individuals are motivated to work not only for them but that the vision and mission , goals of the corporate world where they belong must be their own also . Ownership as a motivational factor is critical for the survival and sustainability of both the individual worker and the organization as a whole . This intends to define motivation and

its place in organizational behavior


Studies reveal that how an organization runs depends upon every human person within the workplace functioning as he /she should be in that productivity is achieved . This is actually a cyclical picture both the organization or employer level and the rank and levels must understand the team and group dynamics that must work to achieve their own objectives . However this seemed to be easy to understand , the applications of which are complex involving multiple disciplines (ACCEL 2006

Motivation , when properly understood , underscores the fact that the problem with the implementation lies in the root of the complexities of human behavior itself (ACCEL , 2006 . The word motivation is derived from the word motivate ' which means to move , impel , or induce to act or satisfy a need or want . Any consideration , idea or object prompting or exciting an individual to act or move him to do what his leader wants to be...

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