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Organic Foods & Global Sustainability

Running Head : Organic Foods

Organic Foods



Organic Foods

Billions of pounds of toxic chemicals in use in the United States would not be necessary if American farmers converted to organic and sustainable growing methods . More than economic savings , the entire health state of the nation 's population will largely benefit using organic procedures of producing foods

Due to scientific interference , foods have become larger in size and have increased in production . Primarily , the addition of chemical substances and other synthetic materials to raising crops

and livestock are the main contributing factors which lead to this seemingly `beneficial ' effect to meet the food demands of the population . But do the people really get the optimum benefits for these advancements ? In the long term , the answer is no . It may be true that modern methods of food production can achieve sustainability but actually , the concept does more harm than increasing the wellness of each individual consumer People are at high risk of contracting so many illnesses due to the chemical components found in foods (Environmental Protection Agency 2007

So what are the benefits of producing and consuming organic foods There are several reasons why organic foods can promote healthier lifestyle for consumers . For one , organic products are grown under strict compliance to the standards set forth by government and private institutions which are experts in natural food production . Also , organic foods taste great since all the natural components of nature 's growing procedures were attained . Organic food growers build soil and protect water resources . Organic farming helps rural communities attain sustainability . Most importantly , organic foods eliminate health risks from invasive chemicals

Further assessing the benefits coming from profound methods of food production may expose certain unknown dilemmas . In the aspect of food production , it is wiser to choose organic food items because they provide all of nature 's goodness to promote better health for the consumers . Growing and buying organic foods may cost a little more due to limited and difficult production but it costs much , much more to undergo treatments from pesticide induced illnesses


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