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Oranization Structure

Organization Structure

SWC Change Management Plan

The SWC new organizational structure for the centralization of a new customer service department creates an opportunity for a smooth transition when implementing a project manager . The change management plan for SWC is to outline the project management team for a simplified way to streamline the information , in to implement change . The project management team roles and responsibilities are to successfully capture the criteria for initiating , execution , and closing out the project to centralize the customer service department . The SWC change management plan mission

for an organizational structure will hone around the leadership assigned to the project that reinforces core initiatives The communication model for the change management plan is too focused on fundamental aspects to incorporate and execute within a matrix organizational structure at SWC

In to infuse a successful change within a matrix organizational structure , the identification of assigned leadership as well as the end recipient is required . Therefore , the project manager is the core responsible entity to ensure the initiating , executing , change management , communication model , and closing out the project . The project manager core responsibility is to provide the leadership to sync other department heads , resources , and project team in to efficiently and effectively complete the project (Mantel , Meredith Shafer , and Sutton , 2005 . The communication model plays an imperative role to accomplishing the tasks outlined for a successful transition from one concept to a changed concept . Therefore , the project manager leads the direction for the project to enforce objectives necessary to accomplish the CEO primarily mission of the organization

The communication model core basis is the synergistic approach on knowledge management within the organization . The facilitation of utilizing knowledge management is a critical component to address the concerns of senior management to minimizing signs of negative reaction against change . The knowledge management is a complex and multifaceted concept necessary as a change management strategy that encompasses all of the organization delivery method to allow knowledge more available The knowledge management objective within the confinements of the communication model is to embed imperative information in systems and processes - to apply in a cohesive effort to forging alliances with business units and offer incentives to motivate employees . In doing so the success of changes in the organizational structure is more attainable by the project management team

The project team from other business unit departments at SWC is needed to formulate a central command center in successfully implementing the changes in the organizational structure . The matrix organizational structure at SWC provides the positives of both worlds in relation to a pure-project organization and a functional organization . Mainly , the ability to utilize the advantage of many individuals assigned as full-time staff and appropriate resources capacity to cohesively manage the change management plan implementation (Cooper , Grey , Stephen and Walker , 2005 . The approach to accommodate the project within a SWC matrix organizational structure creates a balanced ' matrix for an evenly responsible role to a successful closing . The project team is individuals from each business...

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