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`Oral History` definition

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Oral History

We all experience different lives and so all of us have unique stories to tell which are extracted from our day to day life and hence are of great importance . These experiences should be recorded or preserved whether in our memories or in any form so that we can recall them and pass them to the next generations

These experiences when preserved and later recalled are given a form of oral history . Oral history is the systematic method

of collecting the proof of the living people 's experiences . It focuses not on the rich and the famous but on common people living with experiences . Many historians have finally recognized that the everyday memories of common people , not just the rich and famous , have historical importance . Another aspect of recording these experiences is that if we do not record them , then sooner or later these experiences will fade from the memories and then will disappear (Weiss

The word oral means spoken ' rather than written which makes the idea clear that oral history is the history which is told verbally and is not written down . This method of recording the history is used from ancient times when there was no process of writing history down , so it is the most traditional way of retelling experiences and stories and learning them . At earlier times , it was the only way to pass these stories down in to preserve the culture and traditions...

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