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The bundle theory 's main proponent is David Hume . Bundle theory began by 18th century and it is one of the ontological theories about objecthood which states that an object is made up by a bundle of properties , relatives or tropes . The bundle theory states that the only thing which makes up an object is its property . Thus it is neither probable to conceive nor to have an object which does not have any property whatsoever . To further elaborate my point , let us take an orange as an example . When one

thinks of an orange you cannot help but think that it is a fruit , its color is orange , it is round and so on and so forth . Thus , an orange is nothing but a compilation of all of its properties

Moving to the ontological principle of the identity of indiscernibles this particular principle claims that if and only if ' two objects (or more ) are similar in each of their properties or components then only then could those objects be considered as identical . The principle of the identity of indiscernibles is also known as Leibniz 's law . The reason behind its other name is the fact that its form is credited to Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz . However , the said principle also has its own share of critics such as Max Black . Black argued his claims by means of counterexample . In to discredit the identity of indiscernibles Black needs to show an example of two objects who shares the same properties in every way . However , those objects need to be distinct from each other . In to point his point Max made use of the two symmetrical spheres present in our universe

The bundle theory goes against the belief of substance principle since the ontological theory of substance principle states that substance is distinct from its properties . One may wonder about the connection between bundle theory and identity of indiscernibles , the fact that Substance theorists believe that the only way for bundle theory and metaphysical realism to coexist is by means of identity of indiscernible . One should bear in mind that the identity of indiscernibles claims that any object that is arithmetically different from another object must in turn have their own distinct qualitative attributes . Thus , the metaphysical realist who in the same time is also a bundle theorist must admit that there are things that are numerically different objects and they must also accept the identity of indiscernibles . The believers of indiscernibility argue that if bundle theory describes the relationship of properties then it only follows that the principle of identity of indiscernibles is also true . However the indiscernibles reasons that the identity of indiscernibles is not true , they also argues that metaphysical realism and bundle theory cannot both be true . However , if bundle theory makes use of trope theory then the arguments of indiscernibles would not hold them in any way This particular resistance of bundle theory came out due to the fact that each property could only...

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