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Old Testament

p How Are Promise And Blessing Related in Genesis 12-36

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The Bible is a book that contains the promises of God . This supposed truth may seem insignificant to atheists and agnostics , but in the Christian world , God 's promises contained in the scriptures are the foundation and basis of faith . While some people in today 's world argue that the principles of the Bible are now outdated and irrelevant to modern life , many still believe that it is

possible to find hope and illumination from the pages of the Holy Writ . One of the most interesting aspects of biblical study is that the promises of God written thousands of years ago are still applicable to us even unto this day . By accepting these promises by faith , God 's Word has the power to transform our lives just like it did with the characters in the Bible

Genesis , the first book of the Pentateuch and of the entire Bible gives us a closer look at the relationship between God 's promises and the blessings bestowed upon us . Each time God decides to bless an individual , family , tribe or an entire nation , He chooses to reveal Himself to the recipient of blessing through a word of promise . Such principle is evident in the life of Abraham , Isaac , Jacob and Joseph . In the Old Testament , God 's way of uttering His promises is by divine visitation . He either appears to them in a dream , by means of theophanies , or by His distinct voice . Often , the promise is to be fulfilled in a distant future , but it is merely uttered so that the recipient of blessing can enter into the realm of faith . In turn , this leads to the ultimate expression of faith , and that is obedience

God 's promises to Abraham mentioned in the first few verses of Genesis chapter 12 is one of the most significant words ever mentioned in the scriptures . Not only does it concern Abraham himself , but his descendants , the entire Jewish race , and many other nations of the world . God promised to make Abraham a great nation , to bless him , to make his name great , and to bless all the families of the earth through him . This promise was so great and universal that Abraham himself did not live to see all of them fulfilled . However , this does not mean that God has been unfaithful to His promises . Whenever the Lord utters his word of promise , it doesn 't mean that blessings will come in a neat handy package

God places a huge time lapse between the statement of promise and the fulfilment of blessing because He wants to elicit a very specific response from us . That response is faith , or in other words , trust and belief in God . When we respond to God 's promises by faith , our lives suddenly take on a different direction . When we hold on to God 's promises...

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