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Octavio Paz. The Blue Bouquet.

June 26 , 2007

Octavio Paz . The Blue Bouquet

I have just read two pages of sterling and stunning literature in the book by Rubinstein and Larson , Worlds of Fiction (Page 790-792

The blue eyes represent love-presently , the weird love . A man out to punish the other for the sake of self-aggrandizement ! He wishes to win his love by incapacitating the sight of the other , who has done no harm to him . This is a strange action , difficult to condone . He can 't be supported for his macabre love . But this two legged

devil of satanic tendencies , has a brighter side of his personality . He is not a man of rash action . He only wants blue eyes , not any eyes

`Eye-phobia ' seems to grip the story , arousing different reactions as for the eyes . Firstly , it was the one-eyed Hotel Keeper he carries the natural sympathy . Then the narrator 's observation , The night was a garden of eyes '- The poetic expression ! Next , the stranger on the blue-eye hunt ! The narrator , when facing the most dangerous situation did try to run . But he couldn 't . He behaved in the manner in which any frightened individual would do under similar circumstances . It is one of the writer 's `tools ' to further develop the story to take it to the dramatic climax and keep the readers guessing

The group of sentences that gripped me most is , I thought that the whole universe was a grand system of signals , a conversation among enormous beings . My own actions , the creak of a cricket , the blinking of a star , were merely paused and syllables , old fragments of that dialogue . I was only one syllable , of only one word . But what was that word ? Who was uttering it ? And to whom ' Everything is happening in this world as it should as per His grand design and Will ! The thoughts expressed in these two little sentences can come out of a highly evolved spiritual being . It sets the process of self-enquiry , leading ultimately to self-realization . But the path of spirituality is such that the Satan may attack you at the most unsuspected moment . But the power of the genuine vibrations of the seeker will make the Satan beat the retreat empty-handed . He has to .always


Describe nature as observed by the narrator

Do you agree that for the sake of love , someone would gorge out the eyes of another


What spiritual meaning you find in the twin sentences , `Who was uttering ' `And to Whom PAGE

PAGE 1...

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