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Observational Case Study - Sports Management

Executive Academy where the various fees are provided by Game Face Incorporated . Sports Marketing Firms in professional services is one of the interesting areas . Its existence was given in two areas : (1 ) Sport Marketing companies such as SFX will help an entity market their business , beginning with logo design and branding campaigns to the daily marketing of filling the seats at a venue (2 ) Sport Marketing companies will also be the catalyst between a sports team /athlete and their sponsors , acting as an Ad Agency for the sponsor . They will determine

if a venue fits the advertising needs of the sponsor , help create the campaign , and maximize their clients advertising dollars . Assets in sports could be business and various responsibilities a sports unit must be with . Same as others , sports business also need accountants , lawyers , web designers and other staffs to facilitate the growth of an industry . Sport Agents is popular in professional services of a sport business and being educated in the field of law will be a big help for the success of an agent because of some contract negotiations . They also in the task of handling some long-range planning , financial planning , post-career counseling marketing , and arbitration hearings These findings means that sports industry is well demanded by people close and want to be in the line of business in sports . Same other business it should be well designed and knowledgeable for the success such as : organizational theory , behavior , and strategy sport operations law and policy . The involvement of finance , marketing , sponsorship , public relation as well as the equipment management or used in the industry are the viewed and given a big key factors for a triumph in sport business


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