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Observation at a bar

Observation at a Bar

Communication is simply defined as the exchange of information from the speaker to the receiver . The nature of the information can be words body language , tone of voice and nonverbal cues . It is as two way process . First is the transfer of the information coming from the speaker and travel to the medium going to the receiver . And the receiver will respond to the information received . In a social setting , there are various communication behaviors that are displayed . A good example of different communication types are the observations

gathered at a bar

Communication can be observed in a bar since there are different people who go there and hang out for different purposes . The setting is really noisy and the lights are not good enough to see each other because it is usually colorful and moving too . However , people go to bar to mingle and party with friends , colleagues and acquaintances . They use different communication types to convey the message to the people that they are talking with

If words are uttered or spoken , basically , it is a verbal communication But if signs , facial expressions , body language , gestures and writing compositions are used , it is called nonverbal communication . By observing at a bar , one can 't help but notice that both verbal and non verbal communication is utilized . When the sounds is too loud and people cannot hear each other , they find themselves using hand signals especially when calling waiters and bar attendants (non-verbal communication . If...

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