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Obesity Among Teenagers



Obesity in teenagers is a growing issue as we move towards a busier lifestyle and with the current ease in technology . More and more teenagers are becoming obese and obesity has been linked with several diseases that affect the heart and the liver . As much as the slimming trend is into fashion , so is the rise in obesity amongst teenagers . The reasons why teenagers are known to be obese contribute to hereditary emotional , and physical as well as lifestyle factors . The crisis is huge as the number

of obese teenagers grows tremendously As stated by Nanci Hellmich of USA Today

For the latest study , Gordon-Larsen and UNC colleagues reviewed the height and weight records of 9 ,561 people in the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health . Participants , who were ages 13 to 20 when the study started , were weighed and measured until they were 19 to 26 . Researchers found that overall , 27 were overweight and 22 obese by their 20s . About 11 were obese as teenagers at the start of the research and stayed that way , and another 11 became obese during this time period (Hellmich , pg . 1

The above research study shows how the growth in the obesity statistics is particularly affecting teenagers . A change in lifestyle is what we need for these teenagers and this is the only solution for obesity that consists of a healthy nutrition , exercise including any weight loss medication (in case of severe form of obesity . No diet program or diet food will offer long lasting results unless there is a change in life style . As Jayashree Pakhare in her article , Weight loss tips for overweight teens ' states

The best eating plan for teen weight loss must consist of an eating program that provides both enough calories (more than 1200 especially for boys ) and enough nutrition at the same time . The reason for more than 1200 calories is because there are doctors who will put a 12-year-old child on a 1 ,000-calorie diet . Clearly these are not enough calories to prevent the body from going into starvation mode which slows down the metabolism and when the child gets off the diet and eats his regular diet , the weight comes back and is harder to get off than before . In addition , the teens must go beyond their comfort zone . This means sweating and a bit of huffing and puffing on a regular basis (Pakhare , pg . 1

The way to healthy lifestyle to reduce obesity amongst teenagers is to induce any kind of physical activity in their schedule This forms the fundamental criteria to leading a healthy life as physical activity ensures continuous burning of fats and increases metabolism thereby reducing the incidents of obesity in the first place Healthy lifestyle modification is a permanent solution to getting rid of obesity . Lifestyle modification ensures that there are no harmful effects on the body and is a complete and lasting solution to combat obesity in teenagers on a life-long basis rather than on...

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