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Paper Topic:




Nature of the subject matter


Studies on Obedience

Deviance in contrast : Illustrations and comparisons

American Context : Milgram Study

Indian (East ) Context

Acceptance or obedience

Issue of Morality

Death penalty and reduction of violence : An Illustration for coerced Obedience



Obedience typically denotes something which describes dogs and kids fond of pleasing those they are in particular fond of . It is akin to being docile or domesticated and synonymous to tamed and controlled . It is a necessity where

servants and workers are concerned and an anti-thesis to anyone who studies and breathes of terrorism and wreaking small scale havoc . Personally , it is expected of me as an employee , and as a citizen of this country . However , in real life , it can also be threatening if the individual has obedience as a dominating trait in his life he could be prey to one who is working against the law if and when he intends to be the whistleblower of sorts

The attempts to share understanding of obedience in context of two major cultural milieus : India and America . There are important considerations to establish this understanding . It is in laying down the arguments such as providing contrasts to the concepts , extrapolating from a variety of illustrations , and taking on the moral issue as a motivating factor to manifest this trait . In explaining the behavior of people , we start our with reference to some kind of active driving force : the individual seeks , the individual wants , the...

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