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The bourgeoisie are as much trapped by the means of production as the proletariat . Marx analogy of `the uncaught fish illustrates this . In other words , a controller cannot exist without the controlled (Marx 1977

To elaborate further , the mode of production determines the way in which surplus value is extracted from the labour process . The economic base generated from this creates the social and political superstructure Capitalism therefore , is a mode of production . This mode of production determines the general organisation of production , distribution and consumption of goods as well as

the dominant patterns of social stratification , politics and cultural life . It should be noted that Marx recognised the logic of profit maximisation in capitalist behaviour although (mistakenly ) he argued that the principle strategies for creating such profit would inevitably face internal limits . As a result of this process , he argued that capitalism would face a crisis that brought about social revolution . This crisis , in which technological advances made possible vastly greater production , would result in an uneven distribution of income . A capitalist society would then turn Conservative in its efforts to hold the system together , while workers turned to Socialism in an effort to create a more equally distributed wealth system (Marx , 1844

Whilst thinkers such as Comte and Durkheim amongst others , believed that the progress and growth of industry would lead to the penultimate stage of world development , Marx argued that it was in fact only an antepenultimate stage in which a political revolution would lead to a classless society . It could be argued that today , the dominant theory of development in the core countries has changed little from the theorizing of Marx . Instead , further analysis and an ever increasing number of models have developed to attempt to explain the deviations from empirical expectations . Indeed , to the present...

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