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OSI model

OSI model March 9 3 :46

language Deliverable Length : 3-4 paragraphs

You are at an IT networking group meeting and the discussion turns to technologies that are still in use today , but evolved from their original form . One example is the OSI model . Using the resources in the Library and on the Internet research the history of the OSI model so you can conribute to the discussion

include the sources of your information

The History of the OSI model

OSI was done by a group at Honeywell Information Systems

with Charlie Bachman and Mike Canepa as the principal technical member . This group was contracted within Honeywell , with sophisticated product planning and with the development and design of prototype systems

The OSI stands for Open Systems Interconnection . This model was originally created as the basis for crafting a universal set of protocols called the OSI Protocol suite . This suite hardly achieved extensive success . However the model became a very handy tool for both development and education . The model defines a set of layers and a number of concepts for their use that make the understanding of the networks easier . The idea behind the developing of networking standards is to classify widely recognized approaches of setting up networks and connecting them collectively . The OSI Reference Model represents an early effort to get all of the different software and hardware manufacturers to have the same opinion on a structure for developing different networking technologies

Two projects were started in late seventies with a sole aim of defining a unifying standard for the structural design of the networking systems One was performed by the International Telephone and Telegraph Consultative Committee (CCITT ) and the other administered by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO . The two HYPERLINK "http /www .tcpipguide .com /free /t_InternationalNetworkingStandardsOrgani zations .htm " international standards bodies developed a document that explained same networking models . The two documents were put together in 1983 and gave rise to The Basic identified as OSI model . It was then published by both the ISO , as standard ISO 7498 , and the renamed CCITT (now called the Telecommunications Standardization Sector of the International Telecommunication Union or ITU-T ) as standard X .200

The OSI Reference model was not initially created for educational intentions but to serve as the building blocks of a widely used suite of protocols that would be utilized by the international internet works Incidentally nothing worked out as planned . There was rise in the fame of Internet and IP /TCP protocols which met the OSI suite and TCP /IP won This led to the implementation of the OSI protocols . However , when the internet started to expand , the OSI protocols lost out to IP /TCP protocol

The OSI then became a device for defining the networking and functioning of the OSI protocol . In the long run it became widely used in as an educational tool and also assists in describing relations between other protocol suites and the components and hardware devices . The model is also important...

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