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Nutritional assessment

Nutrition Assessment

There exist a wide range of methods to make an assessment of nutrition of a person . Although observing and analysis are also important , the following elements such as

portion size


cooking , etc

play key role in dietary evaluation as well . Information about how when , where , and under what conditions the student ate the food is also important for receiving the most precise results . The student should take a closer look at three-day diet in to make appropriate conclusion based on explicit evidence

The first day

of the student diet includes much meat and grains that are healthy for proper functioning of the body (tissue building , blood clotting function , fluid balance control , immune system maintenance etc ) as they include great amount of proteins . If he considers the fact that each person should consume 0 .8 kg of meat per every kilogram of his /her body daily , he may state that the first day diet includes an excess amount of meat , but has necessary amount of water to keep the body healthy . It is highly recommended to add vitamin A that is responsible for human vision as neither sweet potatoes nor carrots are included in the list

The second student diet day consists of sufficient amount of water that is represented in milk and several types of juice . In would make about one litre (991 grams ) of liquid including all types of nutritive material

vitamin C (juice

fat (whole milk

This diet day , however , includes an excessive amount of sugar and fat that can be found in the coffeecake . The fact that it is enriched contributes to the whole picture in terms of percentage . If the student looks at the amount of calories of this day (2600 .76 , it would be appropriate for him to note that the majority of them have come from the cake . According to some experts (Williams 1997 , human body should consume not more than approximately 2200 calories per day to stay fit and healthy without gradually gaining weight with age . Therefore , it is highly recommended to split the amount of sweets into several days and eat it during the first part of the day so it still has time to burn itself in the organism . According to the table there were 61 grams of fat consumed and 14 grams of saturated one , which is of not a great value for human body at all and can be absolutely ignored

The third student diet day should be considered the best one out of those two mentioned above as it comprises big amount of dairy products meat , and grains that serve as the best provision for the body in terms of protein source . Comparing to the second day , this one contains more saturated fat and less regular fat

In terms of healthy advices based on the nutritional assessment that may definitely improve the student food diet , dietary balance remains the most important thing . Taking into consideration the fact that young people and students in particular...

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