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Nursing theory website

Nursing Theory : A Comparison of Three Nursing Theorist Websites

For this , three websites were explored and compared based on the availability of content-related material , the ability to use the model in nursing practice settings , and the currency of the information provided within the website . Each website focuses on three different nursing theories /models : the McGill Model , which views nursing as having a complementary role in health care the Theory of Health as Expanding Consciousness , which asserts that every person is "part of the universal process of expanding consciousness (Newman , n .d and

the Humanistic Nursing Theory , which utilizes a humanistic framework in nursing practice

Availability of Content-Related to the Theory Model

For the McGill Model , abstracts from various nursing journals are provided in the website and are neatly organized in categories that provide an overview of the model and its applications . Compared to the next theories however , this sampling is much limited

In the Theory of Health as Expanding Consciousness site , there are downloadable presentations , as well as an online forum wherein readers can post questions or comments . Margaret Newman herself , the theory 's developer , answers posts in the forum . Newman has written numerous journal articles on the theory , as well as two books on the subject . The website also lists archives and links that delve on the theory

The site on the Humanistic Nursing Theory is the most comprehensive of all - it features the author 's in-depth research that includes nine chapters of detailed information on the theory . It also provides the most links to other resources (compared to the previous sites Ability to Use the Model in Nursing Practice Settings

The website on the McGill Model provides abstracts specifically demonstrating how the theory is put to practice . With its focus on individual and family strengths , the McGill Model is best applied by nurses when working with family members

The Theory of Health as Expanding Consciousness focuses on the ability to recognize life patterns within a person 's current situation . It eschews the current paradigms in nursing in that it regards a person 's disease as a state in a "continuum from wellness to illness (Newman n .d , rather than seeing it from a rigid , clinical perspective . Like the Theory of Health as Expanding Consciousness , the Humanistic Nursing Theory concentrates less on scientific principles and focuses rather on humanistic aspects of the nursing practice . The focus on non-scientific approaches in both theories is very interesting in how it provides a fresh perspective on addressing health concerns

Currency of the Website

The last article citing the McGill Model was published in 2003 and there are no links indicating any current research /projects . The last update on the content of the Humanistic Nursing Theory website was also back in 2003 . On the other hand , the site on the Theory of Health As Expanding Consciousnesses very up to date , Newman 's most recent post in the forums being December 2006 . The most recent journal article about Newman 's theory was published...

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