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The Nuremburg Trial: Hermann Gorings strategy of Defense


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The Defense of Hermann Goring

In April 1945 , Allied armies began to pour into the German state . The Soviets approached Berlin from the East . The British and American armies destroyed German defenses in the Siegfried line . Although the Third Reich was about to collapse , Hitler insisted that every `German soldier fought for his own family (Toynbee , 789 . This implied that Germany should never , under any circumstances , surrender to the Allied Powers On the 30th of April 1945 , Hitler committed suicide after the Soviets

surrounded Berlin on three sides . Most of the high-ranking officials were transferred to Northeastern Germany . Grand Admiral Doenitz headed the Third Reich after Hitler 's death

For half a month , the Germans held out . On May 7 , 1945 , Doenitz formally announced the unconditional surrender of the Third Reich (Toynbee , 805 . An was issued to all German units outside Germany to discontinue fighting . General Eisenhower , supreme Allied commander in Western Europe , formally reported to Truman the German surrender . In Moscow , the German surrender signaled the end of the Second Patriotic War and the beginning of the Soviet Communism in Eastern Europe . In London , the German surrender was joyously received by the British parliament . All throughout the Western world , the German surrender marked the end of the most destructive war in the history of mankind

The German Response

The German surrender deeply shocked the Nazi bureaucracy . Most of the high-ranking Nazi officials regretted the surrender . Himmler , for example , chose to commit suicide instead...

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