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North Africa and Southwest Asia

whSouthwest Asia and North Africa 1


Jameela : Highlighting Southwest Asia and North Africa (Name (School (Instructor (Class

Southwest Asia and North Africa 2

Jameela : Highlighting Southwest Asia and North Africa

Jameela is the Arabic word for beautiful (Speak7 , 2008 ' True to this adjective 's essence , the culture and history of Southwest Asia and North Africa are rich and stunning . Amazingly , these parts of the globe are a cradle to a colorful culture , which traverses the ancient to the modern . This highlights wonderful facts about

this unique culture . The term Southwest Asia is a geographical reference to the Middle East It is adjacent to the northern part of the African continent , which possesses considerably the same culture and traditions

Southwest Asia is the home of the world 's renowned belief systems . The roots of Judaism , Christianity , and Islam - three of the highly populated religions that have proliferated in almost all places in the world - actually intermingle in this geographical site . Since they originated from similar place , there are notable similarities among the three . First is their belief in a singular God , the so-called monotheism . Although Christianity believes that God comes in three persons , it upholds the belief that there is only one God . Islam and Judaism on the other hand are stricter in their adherence to monotheism Islam , although it has been institutionalized later in history , is more preserved in believing to Allah (Religion Facts , 2008

The antiquities of Egypt , on the other...

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