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Nonmaleficence Ethical Principle

Nonmaleficence Ethical Principle

By Irene Lugo

Course CNSL 251

George Washington University

ABSTRACT The Principle of Nonmaleficence in the field of medical practice states the duty of a medical practitioner to do no harm to their patients . This principle will take into practice the Hippocratic oath that they sworn as they entered the profession that they have chosen the oth states that I will use treatment to help the sick , according to my ability and judgment , but I will never use it to injure or wrong them ' There are undeniably

few cases that concern the malpractices of some medical practitioners who do not follow the ethical principles of their profession . There are liabilities that they face from the disciplinary actions done by their own companies , up to the worst extent of having court cases . There are certain organizations that have their own strict implementation of their code of ethics and do their own disciplinary measures for the members who are liable for malpractice of their code of ethics . And one of this is the American Psychologists Association (APA This is the largest organization of professional psychologists in the world

In the practice of their medical profession , medical practitioners are faced with some conflicting circumstances challenging their medical principles that they follow . In the case of nonmaleficence , there are some issues that are somewhat debatable . These are issues of euthanasia paternalism , futile and pointless treatment , withholding and withdrawal treatments , Do Not Resuscitate s (DNR , and few cases of technological failures . Addressing these issues can be by balancing the benefits and burdens that the patient will undergo upon medication taking the considerations in the principle of double effect under nonmaleficence and always informing the patient of the pros and cons of the treatment giving him /her the power to decide for himself Nonmaleficence Ethical Principle

A Research


Life is the greatest possession that a person has . No amount of money can ever pay the worth of ones ' life . Respect for the right of everyone 's right to live is very basic . That is why in every profession doing no harm to other people is the number one policy

Medical practitioners enjoy a profession of saving the lives of the people . More than anybody else , they must be the very first to practice by heart how to do no harm to their patients . They are the ones who would truly define how important life is

In medical practices , there are four basic principles that medical practitioners took by heart . These are the principle of respect for autonomy , the principle of beneficence , the principle of nonmalificence and the principle of justice . In this , let me focus on the third principle which is the principle of nonmaleficence

Maleficence , from the root word malefic , means to do harm or mischief Putting the prefix `non , the word nonmaleficence would mean not to do harm . It came from the ancient maxim primum non nocere , which translated from the Latin , means "first , do no harm


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