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Paper Topic:

Non-verbal miscommunication: Verbal communication problems often happen in negotiations and cross-cultural meetings. Discuss the extent to which non-verbal messages may be both more accurate, as well as problematic, in various cross-cultural communication

Nonverbal Communication

within the Framework

of Cross-Cultural Linguistics




The notion of Nonverbal Communication

Relationship between verbal and nonverbal communication

Research of nonverbal classification

Classification and function of nonverbal communication

Nonverbal communication within the Framework of Cross-cultural Linguistics

Cultural and non-cultural aspects of non-verbal communication

Body language : cultural or universal

Noncultural characteristics of the nonverbal communication



Communication plays important role in the life of any person . It is the main channel , through which the information is received and

transmitted further . While talking about communication people usually imply verbal communication , which consists of several component speech and written language being the most important . For the most part this is true , but one should never forget the importance of the nonverbal communication which can be observed even more frequently than the verbal one . The main focus of this is the investigation of the notion of the nonverbal communication , its main types , levels and functions . The other aspect under research is the correlation of verbal and non-verbal communication . Finally , the dwell on one of the most interesting and controversial aspect of the nonverbal communication - its interpretation through different cultures . Some of universal cross-cultural nonverbal signs will be discussed alongside the peculiar signs , inherent in each particular country . One more aspect of the cross-cultural nonverbal communication , which will be discussed in this is interpretation of the same nonverbal signs by the representatives of different cultures

The notion of Nonverbal Communication

Nonverbal communication is primitively defined as the process , in which the illocutir sends and perlocutor receives wordless messages , which can be of different types : gesture , facial expression , body language or posture and eye contact clothing , infographics , prosodic characteristics , speaking style (Wolfgang , 1984

It should be mentioned that sign languages and writing are for the most part understood by scholars as forms of verbal communication , which transmit sense through words . The main difference is that nonverbal communication is made through sensory channels : sight , sound , touch smell or taste . The other scholars differentiate nonverbal communication from unconscious communication , as the latter can be both verbal and non-verbal

In fact , nonverbal communication can be understood as the type of human communication events as opposed to spoken or written language (Knapp 1978 . According to Argyle the act of nonverbal communication is made through facial expression , gaze , bodily contact , spatial behaviour gesture , body posture , clothing and appearance , and non-verbal vocalisation (Argyle , 1988

Numerous researchers proved that nonverbal communication is intended to reinforce , contradict , emphasize , substitute , complement or regulate verbal communication (Knapp , 1978 . The research conducted by Kendon showed that nonverbal means of communication are not dependent on the verbal ones , which leads to the conclusion that nonverbal communication is a quite separate form of communication , which is independent from equal to and even superior than spoken language (Kendon , 1983

The other research shows that it is very important for human perception to be able to recognize and correctly interpret the emotional state of other people . The research also stresses that understanding f...

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