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Non-Traditional Families and the Effects on Children

Effects of Non-Traditional Family Setting on Child Development Joshi , Heather Cooksey , Elizabeth C Wiggins , Richard D McCulloch , Andrew Verropoulou , Georgia Clarke , Lynda (2003 . Diverse Family living Situations and Child Development : A Multilevel Analysis comparing Longitudinal Evidence from Britain and the United States Education , Family and Population Dynamics . HYPERLINK "http /stat .gamma .rug .nl /snijders /Joshi2003 .pdf http /stat .gamma .rug .nl /snijders /Joshi2003 .pdf . May 18 , 2008 . This study evaluates the child development effects of non-traditional family culture wherein the researchers have determined that this setting negates effective growth in most

circumstances . Their research has also determined that these detrimental consequences are often camouflaged with the social transition wherein the non-traditional setting becomes ideal and acceptable to the perception of the involved children

Wellhousen , Karyn (1993 . Children from Nontraditional Families : A Lesson in Acceptance . Childhood Education . Volume 69 .The author of this study stated that children that develop from this setting eventually learn to accept their condition as something normal . Based from these findings , developing from a non-traditional family setting indeed significantly affect the child 's perception and development as he or she grows

Wise , Sarah (2003 . Family Structure , Child Outcomes and Environmental Mediators : An Overview of the Development in Diverse Families Study Australian Institute of Family Studies . ISBN 10 : 642-39500-4 HYPERLINK "http /www .aifs .gov .au /institute /pubs /RP30 .html http /www .aifs .gov .au /institute /pubs /RP30 .html . May 18 , 2008 . In concept of parenting in the non-traditional family setting , the said condition likewise influence the unit 's approach in rearing discipline development , and emotional nourishment in the children involved . In the publication of Sarah Wise , she noted that unconventional family structure affect the child development particularly in the loss of parental guidance . Non-traditional families involving parental loss or insufficient presence result to detrimental development in their children which significantly hinders their growth and development

Patrice L . Engle , Sarah Castle , and Purnima Menon (1996 . Child Development : Vulnerability and Resilence . International Food Policy Research Institute . HYPERLINK "http /www .ifpri .org /divs /fcnd /dp /s /dp12 .pdf http /www .ifpri .org /divs /fcnd /dp /s /dp12 .pdf . May 18 , 2008 Patrice Engle and her company summarized that growth inside non-traditional family setting often promote resilience and vulnerability in the involved children

Craigie , Terry-Ann (2008 . Effects of Paternal Presence and Family Stability on Child Cognitive Performance . Center for Research on Child Wellbeing . Michigan State University . HYPERLINK "http /crcw .princeton .edu /workings /WP08-03-FF .pdf http /crcw .princeton .edu /workings /WP08-03-FF .pdf . May 18 , 2008 In this study , Terry Ann Craigie summarizes particularly the effect of paternal presence in non-traditional family settings in the child 's growth and development wherein she claimed that the absence of the father in circumstances of single-parenting or divorce affect the cognitive-development of the children inside the said unit . In addition the absence of the paternal figure in the family unit detrimentally affect the child 's development and the stability of the family unit in economic and social terms

Tasker , Fiona (2000 . Parenting and Child Development in Nontraditional...

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