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Neoanalytic Theories







Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI

MBTI assessment is self-reporting individual assessment designed to assist people understand themselves . The methods assists people appreciate their natural preferences , potential areas of growth and their motivation . It helps in understanding how individuals especially those who differ from others (Whiston 2008

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator was invented by Isabel Briggs and Katherine Briggs (MBTI ) as an instrument based on Jungian theory Jungian theory put forward that differences in behavior are related to

basic difference in the way people prefer to perceive and make conclusions regarding what they have perceived . Jung suggested that individuals have differing attitudes in the way they use their perceptions and conclusions . Different forma of MBTI records are designed to help individuals understand their preferences measured using four dimensions

The first dimension on the MBTI shows the preference in behavior with regard to extroversion-introversion . Both introversion and extroversion are associated with complementary behavior . Extroverted attitude (E portrays an individual 's attention as being drawn out to people and objects within an environment . An introverted attitude (I ) is the preference of drawing energy from the environment and consolidating it in an individuals own position (Whiston 2008

Preference with regard to perception is the second dimension labeled with sensing -intuition dimension . A high sensing score of sensing (S shows a preference for perceiving five senses . People use the sense to perceive what is in existence and they develop skills in observing situations , perceiving details and remembering...

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