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Negative influence of advertising on our society

The Negative Effects of Advertising on Our Society


Advertisements may sometimes be like fishing hooks for people . They have baits about what we want and then when we grab hold of it , we are taken into what the advertisers exactly want us to do - buy their products and get us hooked , literally

Advertisements in themselves are not bad . They do perform an important role in the society and that is the promotion of products and services so that people will become aware of them . However , like milk gone sour advertisements

may also exert negative influences on different kinds of people in our society . Hence , we need to become critical and aware of what to avoid in certain aspects of advertising

Negative Effects of Advertising

Thinness and Anorexia . Beauty products are among the products that receive wide publicity all over the world . The companies who create these products usually employ skinny models and pretty women in promoting their products . There is nothing wrong here a first glance Since beautiful women are good to stare at . However , if we look more closely , most models endorsing beauty products are slim , skinny and with fair-complexion

Most women , therefore , who would see these advertisements , would want to emulate the thinness and beauty of such models . This fixation with beauty has a negative effect even in very young girls . A number of women would feel insecure and they would feel that the only way to deal with their insecurities and achieve the body they want is to use the products advertised by beautiful ladies ! Even young girls in the grade school are now dieting because of the standards of beauty they see in the media ! In worst cases , women suffer from anorexia , an eating dis that leaves women very thin and very unhealthy (Halliwell Dittmar , 2004 . Seen this way , advertisements should be partly blamed for this occurrence of anorexia and other eating diss

Fastfood and Obesity . Fastfood restaurants are also on the rise . They are being portrayed in television commercials and in different media as the place to go to get some food , especially when on the go . Who would not want to a pizza or a hamburger and drink soda at a fastfood Almost everybody ! Thanks to advertisements all over . When you take a look at the statistics of the incidence of obesity , its increase seems to be impossible . This also raises the dangers of diabetes and other dangerous diseases (Frost Sullivan , 2001

Although fastfood advertisements may not be the only entirely to blame for this epidemic of obesity , advertisements about unhealthy foods contribute to the increasing patronage of people of these unhealthy foods (Fried , 2005

Needs vs . Wants . The other negative impact of advertisement is the creation of false sense of needs in people , when in fact they do not really need the items and the products that they are buying . Thanks to advertisements , this illusion is easily perpetrated . The products being offered through advertisements appear to be the tickets to happiness...

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