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Nationalism and Exoticism

Nationalism and Exoticism

During the nineteenth and twentieth centuries , Nationalism and Exoticism were two contrasting ideas that went beyond musical styles Basically , Nationalism , as the name implies , is the use of motifs or musical ideas that are associated with or represent a particular country , ethnicity or region (Internet Modern History Sourcebook , 2008 Examples of musical nationalism include folk melodies , folk tunes , and other harmonies and rhythms (Stolba , 1990

The advocates of this style of music were establishing a sense of identity and were also used it as a very strong political

weapon against unfavorable leaders in countries that were experiencing revolutionary changes (W . W . Norton and Company , 2008 . The popular nationalistic composers include Mikhail Glinka ofRussia , who composed A Life for The Tsar Edward Grieg of Norway , who produced the piano piece Peer Gynt Jean Sibelius of Finland , who wrote the poem Finlandia , and Antonin Dvorak of Czechoslovakia , who composed the American hit Symphony no . 9 and Slavonic Rhapsodies , among others (Internet Modern History Sourcebook , 2008

On the other hand , Exoticism in music was a style in which the instruments , melodies , rhythms and other elements of music were used to suggest and evoke the mood and atmosphere of ancient times and far-off lands (Answers .com , 2008 . Like nationalism , exoticism is also associated to a certain country , ethnicity or region . However , it often refers to something that is strange yet appealing or something that is unusual yet pleasant (The Imperial Archive , 2008 . In short , exoticism in music portrays the other ' things that are not commonly known to man . Popular exotic compositions include Maurice Ravel 's Daphnis et Chloe , Claude Debussy 's Syrinx , which is a flute solo , and Nikolai Andreyevich Rimsky-Korsakov 's Capricio espagnol (Answers .com , 2008


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Nationalism and Exoticism...

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